UK Services

The key services we provide include:

Freight Forwarding

Air Freight

Custom Brokerage

Ocean Freight

Ecommerce Services

Road Transportation

Domestic Transportation

Customs Clearance

Compliance & Consulting

Compliance and Consulting

cargo on an airplane

Air Freight

Future Forwarding understands that the quickest way to move cargo into and out of the UK is by air, and our offices at London Heathrow and in Manchester’s Cargo Village are focused on supporting that service. They act as our gateways into and out of the UK market, capable Customs clearance, build up and breakdown of consolidations or transshipments under bond to other modes of transport or out of the UK to other countries.

Future Forwarding are also capable of handling hazardous materials cargo and our teams have decades of experience staging and moving it. Coupled with our participation in the UK Aviation Security Programme, Future Forwarding has the experience, buying power and knowledge to offer multiple solutions and prices to meet your requirements.

Ocean Freight

Future Forwarding delivers global sea freight services for our customers through a variety of carriers. We focus on meeting your needs for price, service and schedule.

Ocean shipping is not exclusively a commodity-priced activity. Different carriers offer varying equipment availability, sailing frequencies, transit times, customer service and cargo visibility. Future Forwarding’s experienced staff works closely with our clients to offer multiple options meeting their specific requirements.

Whether from Felixstowe, Liverpool, Thamesport or the newly opened London Gateway, we are experienced in all facets of the sea freight process including stuffing, blocking and bracing, documentation and banking of commercial documents.

Cargo on a ship in the ocean
cargo on an airplane

Road Transport

Air and sea are effective ways to quickly or efficiently move cargo long distances, but for trade within the EU and surrounding countries, road transportation is the lifeblood of the UK importer and exporter.

Our private fleet of equipment and drivers cross the Channel to deliver into Benelux ourselves. For further out points, we work closely with a network of partners with the fleets and assets to meet your needs. Whether curtain, tilt trailer, tautliners or other specialised equipment, we can arrange it.

Have multiple collection or delivery points into or out of your facility? Ask us about our consolidation services which can simplify the import and export processes and reduce your overall supply chain and transportation costs.

Customs Clearance

Arrival of the goods is important, but without our experienced staff of Customs brokers who work with HM Revenue & Customs and other agencies to release the goods, supply chain delays ensue.

In today’s world of heightened supply chain security, we work closely with our global offices to insure that all requirements for import Customs clearance declarations prior to cargo arrival are met.

Future Forwarding’s offices are connected to HMRC’s Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system.

We understand goods classification, duty relief procedures available to traders, and when necessary, how to work with UK Border Force officers who are charged with the inspection and release of imported cargo.

Let our experience keep you compliant with regulations but take advantage of opportunities under the law to reduce your costs as greatly as possible.

Cargo on a ship in the ocean
cargo on an airplane

Consulting Services

Future Forwarding’s tenured, experienced team of Customs and transportation professionals give us the ability to work with our clients to find opportunities to reduce risk and cost while increasing efficiency and compliance.

On the financial side of the transaction, we can consult on Incoterms and product design and composition with an eye to reducing or eliminating import duties where possible. Developing compliance manuals to document the import and export processes and record retention policies make for a stronger trading program and provide additional support if your company is challenged by the government.

As the goods need to move from one place to another, allow our people to review choices of carriers and routes for security and reliability. We consult and offer cargo insurance and we and our underwriters can work with you to reduce or eliminate claims, thereby reducing your premiums to the lowest possible amount. Let us leverage our collective expertise for your direct benefit.